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Zerkalo trailer

In Zerkalo the audience meets a scenographic forest built by three-meter long aluminum tubes and human large mirrors. “Go into the fog, turn around, look back. Stand still, disappear away.” These are some instructions from the choreographer during the work with Zerkalo. The dancers, mirrors and aluminium tubes find common movements, spaces and places. The music follows the travelers in the room and creates meetings between spatial, electro-acoustic sound collage, and a grand piano being played live.

Zerkalo is the Russian word for mirror, and the second part of the ”mirror trilogy” that began with Spegeln – Kairos 2013. In the mirror trilogy Eva Ingemarsson explores what reflections and mirror images really are, what they mean to our image of ourselves and our identity. Through various surfaces and with different eyes she explores the vulnerability of our bodies. The Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky’s film The mirror was the inspiration to the Spegeln – Kairos. In Zerkalo it’s the film Stalker that has been an inspiration. Choreography, costumes, set design, lighting, sound and music has been worked out in a subtle consistency with the intention to create clear visual images that remain on the viewer’s retina long after the show is over.      www.evaingemarsson.se https://vimeo.com/195257121


Idea and choreography: Eva Ingemarsson.

Dancers: Anna Bergström, Janni Groenwold Tschanz, Maria Lindell and Gilda Stillbeck/Hannah Karlsson. Composition/piano: Niklas Rydén. Music/sculpture: Dan Tommi Hildén. Light: Viktor Wendin, Costumes: Helena Ekenger, Sound: Pär Bengtsson. Production: Tomas Persson Carlberg and Cecilia Suhaid Gustavsson. Layout: Petra Landström.

Eva Ingemarsson Dansproduktion

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