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Zerkalo – First Night September 8th, 2015. Performed at Atalante 8th to 25th September.

The room is filled with uniform metallic objects and there is a rain of shiny pipes. Five large mirrors and fifty aluminium pipes fill the room in the performance of Zerkalo. Physical movement and patterns of movement encounter worlds of sound, illusions of light and metallic sculptures. Starting in the acclaimed performance of The Mirror – Kairos in 2013, some of the issues such as exploration of identity, reflections and vulnerability are further developed in Zerkalo. Now from a different perspective with its inspiration in sources like Tarkovsky’s film Stalker and Tove Jansson’s Moomin books. Magic, mystery and nature poetry are some words of inspiration along the way.

The local paper GP on The Mirror –- Kairos, 2013:

In The Mirror – Kairos, Eva Ingemarsson creates a magic state of reflection (…). The body of the dancer meeting its own movements in the mirror creates new, breathtaking dimensions of dance… A magically welded piece of art for the stage…

Idea and choreography: Eva Ingemarsson. Dancers: Anna Bergstrom, Janni Groenwold Tschanz, Maria Lindell and Gilda Stillbeck. Composition/piano: Niklas Ryden. Music/sculpture: Dan Tommy Hilden. Light: Viktor Wendin, Costumes: Helena Ekenger, Sound: Pär Bengtsson. Production: Tomas Persson Carlberg and Cecilia Suhaid Gustavsson. Layout: Petra Landstrom.

Zerkalo will be performed at Atalante 8th to 25th September, 2015.



ZERKALO_Foto: Beata Rydén_2016

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Eva Ingemarsson Dansproduktion

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