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Alterego, performed 2004

From a small village in the north of Holland, a village so small that it barely appears on the map, comes Janni. Now she is here, right before us. In the company of self-images and stories – mirrored beneath her feet and danced across the room – she outlines her life, her other beings.

Alterego is a solo performance created directly for dancer Janni Groenwold. Movements are re-reflected and mirrored within projected images, with encounters and confrontations as a central theme. Janni Groenwold moves between sharp contrasts, finds her way in between black and white, yes and no, hot and cold, in order to learn about and to tell her story. Where, for instance, do mum´s false teeth fit in? Those scary, chattering pieces of plastic waiting in a glass of water in the kitchen at night?

In Alterego Eva Ingemarsson refers to her earlier productions The Photographer, The Frozen Ones, Four Faces of the Moon and Voices of Day and Night (1997-2003).

Together with filmmaker and composer Niklas Rydén, Eva Ingemarsson develops and refines the concept to bring together dance, documentary interviews, video-images, slide-projections and amplified live-voices into a multimedial whole. Eva Ingemarsson Dance Production has been touring in London, Moskow, Morocco, Shanghai, Nanking, Tianjing, Beijing.

Choreographer Eva Ingemarsson has been active in Göteborg, Sweden since 1978. She is one of the artistic directors and initiators behind experimental venue Atalante in Göteborg, an important forum for new dance in Sweden. Her dance has attracted a lot of attention for its personal expression and its clear vocabulary of movement. In her latest performances,documentary interviews with the dancers have been central to Eva´s narrative approach.

Eva Ingemarsson Dance Production is supported by national as well as local community grants. She has also received honorary awards from The Arts Grants Committee, Göteborg Arts Council and Västra Götalands Arts Council.

Janni Groenwold is a freelance dancer from Holland. Educated at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, she came to Sweden in 1993. She is a dancer and choreographer in the dance company Curage. She has been working with Eva Ingemarsson since 1997.

Choreography                        Eva Ingemarsson

Dance                                      Janni Groenwold

Music and interview            Niklas Rydén

Music                                      Einsturzende Neubauten, Shostakovich, Diamanda Galas

Set design                               Dan Tommi Hildén

Costume                                  Karin Jatta

Lighting                                   Anna Wemmert Clausen

Technique                              Viktor Wendin

Photo                                        Anders Jirås

Production                              Alexander Hall


Niklas Rydén composer, musician and one of Atalante´s artistic directors. Has been working with Eva Ingemarsson in most of her productions, with composition, filming, interviews and directing.

Dan Tommi Hildén educated at Helsinki Art Academy, Master of Fine Arts with sculpture as his major, and Fine Arts and New Media at Valand Art Academy in Göteborg. Likes working with visual poetry.

Karin Jatta freelance costume designer, set designer and hatter educated at HDK, Göteborg. Has been working with Eva Ingemarsson since 1991.

Viktor Wendin light designer and technical director at Atalante since 2003. Educated at Dramatiska Institutet, Stockholm.

Anna Wemmert Clausen freelance light designer working with both dance and theatre. Educated at Dramatiska Institutet, Stockholm. Has been working with Eva Ingemarsson since 1992.

Anders Jirås freelance photographer with a liking for interactive digital images. Has been working with Eva Ingemarsson since 1994.

Alexander Hall producer at Atalante since 2003. Educated at Kulturverkstan, Göteborg. Bass player in pop orchestra Franke.

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